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“Masquerade, she tastes like chardonnay…”

May 18th, 2011 No Comments

Wake up this Wednesday by rocking out to Atomic Tom‘s new video!

Even with their viral youtube video, I probably wouldn’t have discovered Atomic Tom without the intro from Lindsey, the resident MTM indie rocker. Her suggestions are always dead on! Now I’m totally head over heels for this band. (Did you see the pics I posted from the concert?) And the fact that they’re ALL great guys makes the romance so much more fun.

In the wake of the Facebook smear campaign against Google, this video seems even more controversial.   I’m waiting for The Economist to fully articulate what went on there…but it makes you wonder, will people care that Facebook went to such lengths to degrade Google and not just simply stand on its own?  Or do people expect such tactics after watching Social Network?  Hmm…

Either way, the video is great, the song is awesome, listen for yourself!


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