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The secret to my summer salads

May 19th, 2011 1 Comment

Whether I’m making a simple salad or mixing a bunch of stuff together, these two ingredients make each bowl a delicious success.  And most people can’t pinpoint why!

I use an mix of lettuce that comes with fresh herbs already mixed in so I don’t have to buy a bunch on my own.  Brianna’s blush wine vinaigrette is light, sweet, and pairs with both sweet and salty ingredients.

A few of my favorite summer mixes you can add to this base:

  • Walnuts, avocado, pomegranate
  • Turkey, avocado, red grapes
  • Grilled chicken, strawberries, avocado, walnuts
  • Grilled chicken, cucumber, and mandarin oranges
  • Sliced pink lady apples, almonds


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  • I’m saving this post as a fav bc I’m always after the right (read: easy enough for me to make) salad. Love your 2 staples and the options you’ve shared. Thank ya!