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I’m proud to have Samsung sponsoring MTM.

May 23rd, 2011 26 Comments

Samsung has just completed a cross-country tour involving influential bloggers and YouTubers to help promote their new Wifi enabled camera the SH 100 (retails for $199).  I was honored to be involved and even happier when I loved the camera so I could bring them on board to sponsor MTM.

Let me give you the headlines of this baby:

  • 14.2 Megapixel resolution!
  • Navigates via touchscreen
  • Links to the internet via Wifi or Boingo
  • Uploads directly to Facebook, YouTube, Picassa, Photobucket
  • Allows you to email pics from the camera
  • Features tons of settings, filters, and correcting tools for stills and video
  • Backs up automatically to a PC

That’s all I know thus far.  So we’re going to learn more about it together.

In 4 weeks, there will be a contest where you can win the camera!

I’ll give you a clue as to how you can win easily:  Keep up with the pics I post using the Samsung SH100 and comment on the posts.  Your comments WILL MATTER and could automatically enter you to win without having to compete later.  So comment away (even start on this post!).  All that I ask is to keep your opinion relevant to the content or quality of the picture.

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  • Caity

    Super excited to learn more about an affordable WiFi enabled camera. Looks like it’s small and portable too!

    • Portable is the big issue, Caity. Will you (I, anyone) choose to carry it along with a phone that features a good camera. In the last few days, I’ve brought it along, but forget I have it because I’m not in the habit of carrying it.

      But I’m going to bust it out right now to take a picture of my delicious latte at Catalina.

  • tiffany

    what an awesome giveaway! the picture quality is really superb, your hair looks super soft in the pic! (does that sound creepy…def don’t mean it in a creepy way)

    • Tiffany, haha. Not at all creepy. Rafael had just done my highlights the day before.

  • tiffany

    PS. I’m so glad I ran across your blog! it’s not very narcissistic like most other personal blogs, I learn so much from reading it! that applies to all the topics I’m interested in: health, fitness, cooking, food, texas, travel, fashion. Thanks Mary!

    • So glad to hear that Tiffany!

      If you have any questions or want some insight on something (like fashion which I am desperate for inspiration to post about right now) please comment or email me: Mary@MoreThanMary.com

  • tiffany

    YES I actually have a fashion question!

    I don’t know if this is too broad of a question, but are there specific items that you’d say a girl MUST have in her closet? things that are very versatile and worth the investment if you don’t have it already, e.g. a particular accessory, a type of shoes, style/color of dress, etc.?
    Of course I want to buy everything, but I have a limited budget and I’m not sure how to narrow down the shopping list based on what I have, what I need, etc.
    starting med school in Aug so will be in a ton of debt and on a student budget…

    thanks Mary!

    • Tif,

      I’ll post that tomorrow or next week!

      Thanks for the help :)

  • oh i love the idea of a touchscreen! i need a new camera to take pics of my jewelry…i bet this would do the trick!

    • Mel, I’ll take a pic of jewelry and you can see how it turns out!

      Thanks for sending along your card.

      Put a link in the comments so readers can see your stuff!

  • I love the direct upload option!!!

  • Great to see the camera used in daylight and at night (with flash). Looking forward to seeing it in different situations–micro detail in daylight/ at night, etc..

  • P.S. How’s the video function/ quality of the camera?

    • Serena, I shot the video about toning up my arms on the Samsung camera and the bikini butt one was shot on a Kodak Zi8. What are your thoughts on the quality??

  • Kate

    Great picture but what I really saw was that Cute Shirt! Where’d you get it??

    • Kate, the top was on sale at Gap a couple months ago.

  • Ginny

    I have a Chihuahua myself, aren’t they fun?! Great pic!

  • M

    How fabulous Congrats!

    Classy & Fabulous

  • Amazing quality! With 14 megapixels and a touchscreen it sounds like fun to shoot and use! Plus the subjects are just so cute… Can’t wait to see more… Maybe it’s time for a MTM flickr account to showcase the new camera! Happy Tuesday!

  • Also a quick question, how is the low light quality?

    • Phil,

      I actually have a flickr account, I just don’t use it :(

      Haven’t tried a low light scenario yet.

  • This came at the perfect time! My powershot just died on me this past weekend and I need a new portable camera. I love what you said on the other post about the photoshopping. Amazing!!
    xoxo Lauren

  • Heidi

    I might get one of these for my office. This is a basic question – but does it have better resolution than my iphone four? Much better that it would be worth having a second devise?

    • The iPhone 4, which is what I have, has a camera with 5 megapixels. The Samsung SH 100 has 14 so there is quite a difference, especially if you want to print the picture.

      I just can’t stand the iPhone flash. It always gives me redeye. No matter what standard camera you choose, the flash will always be better on it.

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  • I’m so in the market for a new camera and have heard awesome things about this one. Eager to see it in action through the fab life of Mary!