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So you want your arms to look like mine? Here are my secrets!

May 23rd, 2011 2 Comments

Readers have been emailing me about my arms recently, asking how do I get them so toned. In this video I share three of my secrets!

You’ll see you can do these exercises anywhere, which is always helpful.

The amount of weight you should use is a little unclear in this video. THE KEY IS TO KEEP THE WEIGHT LOW AND DO MORE REPS. Repetition = Definition (you’ve heard it a million times). I suggest using 1-3 lbs on your first cycle, going 20-25 reps. If that’s too easy, go up to 3 or 5 lbs on the first and third movements.

Combine this circut with my “Bikini Butt” lower body favorites for a great total body workout!

Happy toning!

(P.S. The arm video was shot with the Samsung SH100, the bikini butt video was shot with the Kodak Zi8.  Any thoughts on quality??)

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  • These are great tips! I like your videos a lot. You seem honest and approachable.
    xoxo Lauren

  • I like the sharper colors of the Samsung, such that you pop out more from the background.