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My lashes have looked EXTRA luscious recently!

May 24th, 2011 No Comments

Honestly, I would have never know about this mascara if a friend hadn’t said, “trust me on this one.”  Panthera mascara from Ultrafresh demands $26 per tube but packs a punch for every penny.  If you were unsure of its power, you would absolutely pass it by.  That my ladies, would be a big mistake. The wand features a stiff brush and a comb so you can apply and then separate your lashes.  The jet black formula was created by an Italian chemist to strengthen, lengthen, and nourish your lashes.  So before you head out on the prowl, laquer up with Panthera. Buy it at Sephora.

Originally published in The Houston Chronicle (Yeah, I know I get a little cheesy when I write for print.)

(Full disclosure: I first received this product via PR and now gladly pay full price for it.)

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