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Look sharp and smart for your first interview

May 31st, 2011 No Comments

by Andrew Woj, the Straight Guy’s Stylist

Last week I told you what not to wear: cargo pants.  This week, I’m going to give you my fail-safe formula for interview apparel — after all, I’ve been going on my fair share this month.  All you need are these five things to wow the HR director:

1. The undershirt, not a wife beater or tank. Often overlooked, this ensures a smooth shirt with no weird visible lines.

2. The dress shirt. Go with a classic white or light blue or a very subtle pattern.  For my first interview, I always wear white and then switch it up with a smarter shirt for the second interview,  like a very fine grey and white gingham shirt.

3. The tie. Keep it simple: pair solid shirts with patterned, conservative ties and pair slightly patterned shirts with solid ties.  Want to add a little character?  Wear a tie bar; it shows you pay attention to detail.

4. The suit. The darker the better.  Stay away from anything too trendy, especially a skinny trouser.

5. The shoes. Classic, polished, and black. If you’re still looking to play the fashion card, opt for wing tips.