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Should you, would you, wear make up to the pool?

May 31st, 2011 No Comments

This weekend I went to a couple pool parties with friends.  Knowing it would be stiffling hot and my face would be covered by a giant pair of glasses, I still put on makeup.  My reasoning had more to do with sun protection than beauty.

Foundation and powder provide a physical barrier from the sun that most sunscreens don’t.  My favorite facial sunscreen – Skin Ceuticals Daily Sun Defense – has both SPF and a transparent zinc that serves as a physical barrier.  My thinking is, I can’t have too much protection.

If your sunscreen DOES NOT HAVE BOTH, perhaps you should consider wearing your daily makeup to the pool.

Here’s how I layer up:

It seems a little excessive when I write it out, but it works for me.  Thankfully, my pores are forgiving and don’t break out afterwards.  Yours might be okay as well since you would use your normal foundation and powder combo.

Test it out, see how it goes.  Report back with any observations.

(Full Disclosure: All products, with the exception of Revlon, sent via PR reps.)


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