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Can you tell which car is more expensive?

June 1st, 2011 No Comments

At first glance, probably not!

The rims are the giveaway for me.

The top car is the Lexus IS, and the bottom is the Hundai Elantra.  I saw them both next to each other in the parking lot and thought, “that’s a hot looking alternative.”  I’ll admit I peeked inside the Elantra too.  The cloth seats are standard cheap, but the dash looks sleek.  I’m sure the sound system is inferior, not to mention the drive, but solely judging on looks, the Elantra is impressive for $15k.

Apparently the Koreans are on a rampage to get back in the game.  Samsung electronics and home appliances are the “smartest” ones on the market, and Hundai has modernized their designs.

(Full disclosure: I’m currently offering a review on the Samsung SH100.  I pray one day they’ll send over a washer & dryer or refrigerator.  Those things are amazing!  Check it out next time you’re at Best Buy.)


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