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TOMS next step in fashion & humanitarianism

June 8th, 2011 1 Comment

Yesterday my friend and blogger Phil was at the launch of TOMS’ new product – Sunglasses! The designs are classic and of course the charity aspect is extraordinary.  I’ll let him give you the details.


“Yesterday in Santa Monica there was a crowd of people clad in TOMS shoes, myself included, eagerly awaiting Blake Mycoskie, the Chief Giving Officer of TOMS. At SXSW this year, Blake said one of the questions he gets asked most is, “What’s next?”  Today, he finally revealed his answer.

The story of TOMS is admirable if you don’t know it. In 2006 he came up with the idea that for every pair of shoes his company sold he would give a pair to a child in need of shoes. With no financial backers, or business plan Blake started TOMS with a One for One promise. As of September of this last year TOMS has given over 1,000,000 pairs of shoes to people in need in many countries.

Now he’s on a new mission.  He showed a how a video that went into depth about the importance of sight and how through a simple surgery or a pair of glasses this problem could be fixed.  Hence TOMS sunglasses that will follow in the same One for One footsteps of the shoes.

So let’s talk about the details of the sunglasses that TOMS offers. There are three styles:

The Classic 101 ($135)

The Classic 201 ($135)

The Classic 301($145)

Each temple piece or bow has a white hand painted striping design and the part around the ear is light blue. As Blake explains it, the front of the glasses is you the buyer, the blue part around the ear represents the person that you are helping, and the white stripe in the middle is TOMS bringing everyone together.

The glasses are made in Italy and 100% UVA/UVB protection. They come in a variety of colors, you will find a style and color combination that you like.

Just remember that by buying a pair today you provide someone with a medical treatment, prescription glasses, or sight saving surgery.  For more information you can go to www.toms.com.



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  • Annie

    Nice to see a business person giving from the get-go. He’s setting a great example for everyone!