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Snap a quick pic and win the new social media camera from Samsung here!

June 10th, 2011 10 Comments

For the last couple of weeks you’ve seen pictures and posts here about the new Samsung SH100 camera.  I don’t know if it’s THE BEST on the market, but it’s pretty impressive for $200.  Features include:

  • 14 megapixels
  • HD video
  • Touchscreen navigation
  • Wifi connection
  • Uploads pictures to facebook and photobucket
  • Emails pictures to contacts (and tumblr!)
  • Wireless back up to a PC
  • Fun filters to enhance photos before or after the shot
  • Basic editing – “beauty enhancement” and red eye

Did I mention it just takes a crystal picture picture? Well, you can see that for yourself

Want one???  For free???

As I mentioned in my Samsung intro post a few weeks ago, those of you who commented on any photo taken with the camera that was relevant to the picture or content will be entered into the drawing to win.  For every comment you made, your name will get an entry.  And you can still participate in the contest.

** The Contest **

Review the four pictures below. I enhanced each picture with one click on the SH 100 itself.   Here’s what you have to do: Take a picture of anything you want and recreate the effect in one of the pictures below using any means you need to (Photoshop, Instagram, etc).

Here are your four options:

Your replica of the effect doesn’t have to be perfect, but close.  For every picture you submit that achieves the effect, you’ll get one entry into the drawing.  So snap away! Because the objective of the camera is to not only take a good picture, but also to share them with friends:


“I’m entering this pic to winthe new social media @SamsungCameraUSA camera from @MaryRambin.You can too here: http://bit.ly/kHSa8E

I will post a couple of favorites on the blog unless you specify you would like yours to stay private.


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  • tiffany

    hmm what if my fb is super protected and i dont have a twitter…?

    • Take a picture of an inanimate object, doesn’t have to be of you. Otherwise feel free to email it to me at mary@morethanmary.com.

      But…you really should sign up for twitter. Great way to read news quickly, keep up with blogs and businesses you love, and chat with friends.

  • I love your blog redesign…I must only have been looking at your tumblr…but this looks nice:)

    • Thanks it’s been up for a while! Stop by anytime :)

  • How stupid is this?


    So, those of us who do not currently own a camera don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning this camera, because we need to already have a camera in order submit an entry to win a camera?

    That’s seriously the most effed-up requirement ever.

    • That’s not true actually. You can take the picture with your phone. I’ve been without a camera and posting pics for almost a year.

      The pictures don’t have to be perfect. Just an attempt at the effect.

      This is a should be fun and easy. Let’s not get negative before you even give it a shot.

  • Shannon

    I’m going to attempt this, Mary..We’ll see how they turn out- haha! We both know I need that camera :)

  • How stupid is this?

    It’s fallacy to presume that everyone has a cell phone.

    After looking into other blogs participating in the same giveaway, it seems that only *you* require entrants to:
    * Have public Facebook &/or Twitter accounts
    * Already have a camera (or cell phone)
    * To drive traffic to your site &/or your Twitter

    Are you making up rules as you go?
    Is that how product ambassadorship works?

  • Phil

    I have to say that the one touch functionality is pretty amazing! What takes me 2-3 apps to do the samsung SH100 can do in camera with a simple touch… Keep the great photos coming!

  • @tiffany: then, obviously, you don’t need the camera ;)