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Choose a side in the white collar dress shirt debate

June 21st, 2011 4 Comments

Growing up in the south I’ve seen my fair share of stripped shirts topped off with a white collar.  My aversion to the combo probably stems from the fact that southern men wear a size “large” or bigger.  So generally speaking, their shirts swallow them, even the ones with whiskey bellies. Pairing the blousy shirt with over-sized pleated slacks or jeans, the man has no chance at style.  I’m being pretty harsh right now, but I’ll tell you, it’s the truth.

Recently I’ve started developing a little crush on the white collar.  Obviously the Tom Ford shirt I saw at Neimans (above) is drop dead fabulous, but even the mass market brands are showing adorable options.

Aside from the fit, the only other criteria to pull it off is a jacket of some sort.  Whether it’s a suit jacket a or blazer, the look doesn’t seem complete without it, in my opinion.

What are your thoughts?  Love it?  Hate it?  Why?  Please do tell below!! I honestly can’t wait to hear your thoughts.  Kind of like cargo pants, this shirt draws a line in the sand and demands you choose a side.

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  • Ellen P

    LOVE IT! I think it has clean lines and steps the dress shirt up a notch!

  • White collars are seeing a smart resurgence, and Tom Ford executes well, as this example proves. Best mixed with patterned shirts, white collars are no longer paired with solid shirts and white shirt cuffs. This shirt needs a terrific grey pinstripe suit and a solid textural woven necktie.
    The stylishly adventurous will pair a plaid patterned suit and bolder plaid necktie, all with color coordination and appropriate contrasting scale (size) of the patterns. Happy Dressing!
    -the Duke of LA

    • Show us Duke! Wear the look to work and send us a pic. Sounds delicious!!

  • I AGREE, Duke! White collars are smart and clean – especially for the summer. The contrast is refreshing and daring because it’s such a hotly debated topic. I’ll be wearing plenty this summer…