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Simple Ways to Save Your Feet

July 5th, 2011 2 Comments

According to a poll on Glamour.com, 95% of the women surveyed would wear a pair of hot shoes even though they kill their feet.  I used to be right there with them, but these days not so much.  (Although I really don’t dress up that often anymore….)

This morning on the Today show,  they did a segment on how to save yourself from foot pain now and injuries in the future.  The expert with the advice was Dr. Roshini Raj (gorgeous btw), author of What the Yuck: The Freaky and Fabulous Truth about Your Body. Intriguing title.

In order to save your feet, she recommended:

  1. Shopping for sandals during the summer.  Your feet expand during the heat so it’s best to buy sandals that will fit your enlarged feet.
  2. Buying shoes made out of natural materials.  They will stretch and mold to your feet.  Faux leather will not.
  3. Rotating your footwear.  This will help distribute the pressure on your feet so it’s not in the same place everyday.
  4. Wearing sandals, wedges, etc with a back strap.  With flip flops your toes curl to hold on to the shoe.

My doctors have been telling me for years about the evils of flip flops.  Due to Dr.  Raj’s reason and the fact they don’t have any support, our favorite slip on shoes are comfortable now, but can cause so much pain in the long run.  The same goes for heels.

We’ve heard it all, yet we march on.  That’s why I liked Dr. Raj’s practical suggestions.

(photo via musingsinfemininity)


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  • M

    Fabulous tips thanks for sharing them =)


    Classy & Fabulous

  • Andrea Spivey

    It’s a good idea to switch up shoes during the week. Just alternating flats or more sensible heels with high heels a few days a week really helps.