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Bravo for summer tv?!!!

July 6th, 2011 2 Comments

Not sure how the mindless standard tv format shows have seduced me again, but I’m not putting up much of a fight to back away from the tube at night.

Summer tv used to be filled with throw away shows, but since people aren’t traveling as much due to tight budgets, the networks, namely those on cable, are upping their game.

There are a couple of shows that have totally captivated me and a handful that are entertaining while I work. As you’ll see, the majority of shows are on Bravo.  I mean, those guys really know how to appeal to their demo!

Ok, summertime faves:

  • Suits – NEW on USA.  Predictale but witty with delicious eye candy.
  • Damages – A-MAZ-ING. Season 3 starts July 13! (On Audience channel)
  • Flipping Out – Jeffery’s brutal honesty is fabulous! (Bravo)
  • Platinum Hit – Songwriter American Idol hosted by Jewel.  Great immature character cast! (Bravo)

Entertaining to say the least:

  • Million Dollar Decorators – Snobs at their finest. (Bravo)
  • Necessary Roughness – New with potential. The actress I loved to hate in Rescue Me (“Janet”) stars in this drama.
  • Rocco’s Dinner Party – Solid. Expert and amaetuers vie to cook for celebs and Michelin-starred chefs.
  • Anything on the Cooking Channel – Totally cheesy, but they all make cooking look so easy (because they use cheese on everything).
  • International House Hunters – Buyers are given three options in their price range in a gorgeous destination. (HGTV)

Game of Thrones on HBO was apparently amazing, but I don’t have HBO to watch it.  Did you?? What are you tuning into these days?

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