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Cardio to the rescue.

July 11th, 2011 4 Comments

Recently my body has not been responding well to exercise and, well, life in general.  Stress has my muscles tensed up at all hours of the day so when it’s time to work out, they’re just not in the mood.  Unfortunately this has resulted in piercing aches in my neck and back.

At first, I tried my usual remedies:  heating pads, ice, and rest.  None of them even made a dent in the pain.  I had a massage, which helped, but didn’t heal.  A friend then told me she runs to release her muscle pain.  I couldn’t think of anything more painful at the time, but I was desperate for relief.  Lo and behold, a 15 minute slow jog worked!

Later that week, being the stubborn fitness fanatic that I am, I pulled the same muscle in my neck doing a pull up. Unable to turn my head, I chose to ride the stationary bike (with the reclined seat) for a cardio workout with minimum strain on my body.  After 30 minutes, I felt sooo much better.

My guess is that the increased blood flow helps to heal and decrease inflammation. Thought I would throw out this method in case you find yourself in the same scenario.  I’m so thankful I ran into Laura who shared it with me.

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  • J

    Ask for a low grade muscle relaxant like flexirel from your doctor, when I work out a lot my body does the same thing. Take one of those a month and you will feel like a new person. I’ve been doing this since high school when i rowed crew and it is the only thing that works.

  • Kind of on related late but not really….I find going for a swim after a really long run really helps with the muscle soreness afterwards!

  • MH Nolde

    Hi Mary,
    I have been reading your blog for months now and LOVE IT!! I never comment on people’s blogs, but you mentioned inflammation and you also are a healthy food lover. I am a distributor for a whole raw food that is full of Omega 3’s (and much more) which is a natural source of anti-inflammation. I am also an avid walker/runner. Since I have become a lover of this food, I have noticed that my stamina for exercise has increased exponentially. I would love the opportunity to tell you more about it because it literraly has taken away my back and hip pain in no time at all.
    Take care and thank you for sharing your blog!

    • Well, MH, we REALLY appreciate it when you do share your thoughts. Knowing that we help our readers is one of the main sources of satisfaction and motivation for legitimate bloggers.

      So glad to hear you find MTM useful.