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My main mag let me down.

July 13th, 2011 3 Comments

I’m a HUGE fan of Real Simple Magazine.  When I heard about the iPhone app for recipes, I didn’t hesitate to pay $4.99 to buy it.  I’ve being “using” it, as in browsing the recipe options, for about a month now…I’m not impressed.   The recipes often include boxed or frozen food to save time, and most of the combos aren’t anything I couldn’t whip up on my own.  I was surprised because I usually tear out one or two recipes from the magazine

The Epicurious app recipes are a little more adventurous.  It collects recipes from many different sources.  And, I can search for what I’m looking for.  And!  It’s free.


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  • I was going to recommend the Cooking Light Magazine Recipe app. It’s WONDERFUL! Build your own meals and see real calorie and nutrition information. Best of all – Iit’s only $3.99!

    I’m a little biased because my brother-in-law has been on the production art team working hard at this for over a year! Hope you’ll check it out!

    • Sounds perfect! Can’t wait to try that one.

  • I also have both of these apps and have come to the exact same conclusion. Love real simple mag, but their app needs some improvement! Great post!