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Truly guiltless bread.

July 14th, 2011 No Comments

Speaking of alternative flours,  you’ve got to try bread from the Full Cup Bakery.

When I heard about it from a friend, I called up the shop to find out what made their bread so special.  The owner, Mark (I forget his last name!) said:

“We mill our own flour everyday right before we bake with it so it retains all of its nutrients.  When you store flour for any period of time, it looses all of its nutritional value.”

They use only wheat and spelt flours, nothing white on their shelves apparently.  His next comment won me over.

“We’re also conscious of your blood sugar, which is why we use protein in the bread, to offset the carbs.”

A man after my own heart!

When I finally got my hands on the Fiber Energy Bars (pictured above- 6 for $7.95), I wanted to eat the whole bag.  So amazingly SOFT and sweet.  It doesn’t taste “healthy” at all!  Mark recommended spreading some almond butter inside for a slow-burning meal before a workout.  I’ve eaten this combo several times in the morning and haven’t even thought about a snack before lunch.  The sweet bread also goes really well with salads.

Check out their selections at FullCupBread.com – they ship nationwide!


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