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My monthly cable bill might actually be worth the $$ soon….

July 18th, 2011 No Comments

Were you as excited as I was when you went to catch on the news on CNN.com this morning?

Today, CNN.com launched its new “video experience” that features “TV everywhere.” I believe this makes them the first cable channel to stream their live tv feed to any of your mobile devices.  Apparently you can also make video playlists that will sync in all of your devices as well.  Pretty cool!

So, if you pay for cable, you can sign up for TV everywhere for free!  It comes built into the iPhone and iPad app already.

Can we please cross our fingers, or better yet, blog, tweet, scream from the rooftops, how much we love this so the other networks will follow in their footsteps?

Right now if you have cable, you do get a couple perks:  ESPN streams some of their coverage so you can watch on your computer.  Your HBO subscription pays for an iPad app that gives you EVERY SEASON of EVERY show on demand (you can’t even get that on tv).  Hulu Plus, which is a separate subscription, is great for basic network tv (NBC and CBS).  ABC’s app shows its most recent programs is free.  But you can’t watch anything continuously live.  Until today!

All I’m saying is that I would love to watch Damages live on my iPad.  Is that too much to ask now that I pay for cable??


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