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Single Girls, Keep Your Eye Out for Cyclists

July 22nd, 2011 4 Comments

Remember back in the day when women were on the hunt for doctors and lawyers? That’s a little taboo in today’s world.  However, in the same vein, we’re still actively seeking love and a solid relationship just using new filters: Match.com, eHarmony, etc.  While watching the Tour de France yesterday, it hit me that cyclists are prime candidates for a boyfriend!


I’m not sure how many of you know or care that the Tour de France is going on right now.  Cycling isn’t the most exciting sport to watch, but the landscape – and the riders – are quite impressive.
Scouting out cyclists for dates is a little far-fetched, but go with me on this for a second (with a sense of humor please).  If you break down the sport of cycling, you’ll see that it breeds exceptional men.

1.  Riding is physically challenging. Even an amateur rider shows he’s active and most likely lean and muscular. A man who cares about his health is important. And, a nice body is always a bonus :)

2.  Road bikes are expensive. Outdoor cycling is not a cheap sport, which means the men who ride for leisure must earn a decent living.

3.  Riding is competitive. It doesn’t have to be, but there is always something to work for on a ride displaying he is independently driven and ambitious.  If he wants more on the road, he’ll work for more out of life.

4.  Real riding demands travel. First of all, if he’s traveled to ride, you know he’s cultured, which always makes a person more interesting and open-minded. It’s also hard to cycle around the city, and needless to say much more enjoyable to cruise through a gorgeous landscape.  Should you get together, even if you don’t ride, you can look forward to beautifully scenery on your vacation.

5.  Cyclists are mentally strong. A ride can go for hours, giving him plenty of time to sort through problems and life in general.  The duration also takes a considerable amount of patience, which I usually find to be one of men’s shortcomings.

The biggest drawback here is that a truly passionate rider will spend a big chunk of his time on the bike and not hanging out with you. Boo.

The wild card is his personality, which I can’t pinpoint from the sport.  Personality is REALLY important to me.  I want a man who is sensitive and has a good sense of humor.  In fact, those are always at the top of my list.  No way to tell that about a man simply because he rides.

My character deductions are a bit general, but they make sense and fit the cyclists I know personally.   If you’re on the same page as I am wanting a stable and ambitious man who enjoys exercise and the outdoors, we’re off to a great start!  Now all we have to do is either find the “biker bar” or learn to ride.  Or I suppose you could always just hit a city rider with your car; that should get his attention.  And then you can nurse him back to health.  A modern love-story in the making.  Just kidding!  And I’m mostly kidding about the whole prospect of hunting for cyclists.  My point is that before you blow off the man in neon spandex, instead you should consider giving him your full attention.

(Photos via Velo News)

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  • jimmy

    Mary, as ever you leave no stone unturned. Very impressed you picked up on this. Great writing too. JMH

  • Ha nice reasoning.
    but I feel like there are more cyclists that are not thin than any other sports. Ie theres a lower likelihood of finding a fat runner vs a fat cyclist. A lot of cyclists I’ve seen have.killer legs but a little somethin somethin around their waist

  • Mary

    @Tiffany… I am not sure that you understand what Mary is saying, she seems to be talking about their determination and drive. Two personality traits that can really be beneficial to a relationship. It is not about their waist… or their weight, it is about what drives them.

    Thank you for this post Mary, I love your blog! You’re the best!!!

  • Yes I understand what ashes saying it was just a side note