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Before you travel – ALWAYS – check this blog.

July 29th, 2011 No Comments

I’ve written about Gary Leff’s blog several times, but the mention was part of a bigger story. Just in case you skipped over that post or paragraph, I’m going to remind you now:

Before you travel,

If you travel often,

If you want to earn miles on a credit card,

READ ViewFromTheWing

before you make a move.

Every time I check in, Gary has uncovered some new fine print the airlines are hoping you’ll never discover and promoting a new way to screw the credit card companies.  It’s so much fun!

He’s not shy about sharing his resources, which he posts on the menu bar.

I guess you could search through all of that info, but Gary does such a good job at filtering it for us.

,Should you be making plans to travel to Timbuktu, Gary will help you use your miles to save thousands on flights and luxury hotels.  I’ve heard his stories of $23k tickets for 50k miles and casitas on the beach for practically nothing.

For regular updates, you can also follow him @GaryLeff.

Safe and savvy traveling!

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