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August 1st, 2011 No Comments

Most trainers I have ever met always have to be right.  They believe their methods and explanations are far superior than anyone else who has given you advice.  (So narrow-minded it drives me crazy.)  Andrew Heffernan, the 17 year trainer, black belt, and blogger who pens this blog is quite the opposite.

Before I tell you the name of the blog, let me tell you why I like it.

Admittedly Andrew is a fitness fanatic, but he’s also able to take a real person’s perspective on exercise.  (Real person = you and I)  From his compostition and thought process, I believe he isn’t your usual suspsect meathead trainer.  He takes on our issues and understands that most people don’t have the same motivation as he does.

In his post, “How Not To Stall,” he says:

“I’m a trainer with all kinds of certifications and experience….

…But I don’t design my own workouts.

Here’s why: no matter how hard I try, when I design my own workouts, I wind up catering to my strengths, ignoring things I hate, and-or just doing things the way I’ve always done them, with the same, middling results.”

And then offers this list that seems basic, but we need to remind ourselves of it often:

1) Don’t design your own workouts.

2) Assuming you’re training for fitness, and not for performance in some athletic in endeavor, change things up–radically–every month. Seriously. Go from low rep focus to high rep focus. Low volume to higher volume. Lots of slow, heavy exercises to lots of light, explosive exercises. High cardio to sprints to no cardio.

3) Don’t fall into the rut of thinking what has worked in the past will keep working. The best workout program in the world stops working after awhile, and you have to do something else.

4) Sometimes things work that everyone says won’t work…usually [does] because your body just needs the new stimulus.”

Now I’m going to send you over to this inspirational fitness blog called….ugh, I don’t want to tell you.  Just click here and see for yourself.  Giggle at the tag line then move on to read through a couple of posts.  I like his sensibility and approach.  His expertise will shine through as you read.

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