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Celebs trend success and failure all in one photo.

August 2nd, 2011 No Comments

Just as I posted about mid-calf pencil skirts, I ran across this pic on LA insider, stylist, and friend Duke Hagenburger’s blog.  Mila looks amazing in this dress, doesn’t she?  Obviously she’s a trendsetting winner.

On the other hand, as Duke points out, Justin’s look is totally ruined by his pants that are too long.  Fail!

Do the Simon Spurr suit justice and have it hemmed, man!  It’s unfortunate because the classic suit (which could be linen) is so chic.  In the movie, I noticed the same issue with his hem lines.  He must be trying to make a statement because no stylist in their right mind would let a celeb walk out of the house, let alone on a set, looking like that.

As for the movie,  it’s solid.  Wait for it to come out on Video On Demand and curl up in bed to watch it.

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