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Fall Trends To Keep Your Eye Out For Now

August 2nd, 2011 3 Comments

Trends have been regurgitated out the yin-yang since the recession hit (as they should I suppose).  Finally this fall, I’ve seen some variations emerge within our favorite trends.


It’s a staple for colder months, I don’t need to show you pictures of overcoats and blazers.  In the past couple of years, leather pants and dresses have made a comeback.


This fall make a statement with a leather shirt!





Miu Miu

They’re not just for the office, btw.  Most women want skirts above the knee (those are always “in”), but I’m sending you to go on a new mission to find skirts AT or BELOW the knee.

Phillip Lim 3.1

The real trendsetter will hunt for the mid-calf pencil skirt.  Curvy girls this probably won’t be flattering.  For those of use without much hip or ass to speak of, we are thanking out lucky stars these are back in style.

Vivienne Westwood (via Daily Mail)

Alice + Olivia (I could wear this outfit EVERYDAY with different shoes and accessories.)

Dona Karan



Every season designers are pushing a new signature pattern.  This fall true fashionistas will successfully mix them together in what Style.com is calling “Collage.”


If you’re like me and patterns aren’t your thing, take another stab at color blocking. 1 bold color + another blog color = fantastic.

A very practical example by Phillip Lim 3.1


Parkas have always been more practical than overcoats.  If we’re lucky they’re stylish.  Somehow a fashion angel was at my side when I stumbled upon a Prada Sport, waterproof, 3/4 length parka/overcoat with a fur trimmed hood for $500 while I was living in NYC.  Years later, it’s still fabulous and wearable after 3 years of sludge.

If you’re able, take your parka to the next level.  Go glam!  Big collar, bright color. Make a statement.



Three trends that don’t even look good on the models!!!

The Over-sized Tux

Even the tux that fits looks bad…

The Sixties


Style.com did a whole trend section on the 60’s.  I’m telling you.  You’ll look like you’re going to a costume party if yougo head to toe in the decade.  It’s femme, but not strong in terms of style.

Fur Gone Wild

Crazy fur is simply crazy.  For something that wont’ go with everything or stand the test of time, a “psychedelic fur” is ridiculously expensive.  Who are we kidding, all furs are expensive.  This outfit would be fabulous color-blocking ensemble (for spring) without being draped in dyed carcass for the sheer purpose of showing fur.

**Runway shots with captions via Style.com

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