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Faith in Modern Times

August 3rd, 2011

Pretty cool painting isn’t it?

Do you like this one?

Does either of them look “religious” to you?

They were painted during my church service.

Check out a few more literal pieces.

One of the reasons I love Ecclesia (my church) is their ability to translate the gospel to modern life. Their language around Christianity is approachable and realistic.  Pastor Chis Seay’s anecdotes could be pages torn from the book of my life.  Somehow he makes the leap from religion to lifestyle, from The Word to our slang.

To me the art Scott Erickson paints during the service is a physical representation of how religion and faith can be whatever you make it.  Our generation still believes religion demands the same conservative narrow road we traveled in our youth.  It’s not.  The challenge is to find a community that speaks to you and has a message that resonates in your heart.

Over the last year and a half, I have journeyed with them down a humble path paved with hope and love.  With each step I feel stronger in my faith, and when I fall, I’m learning to have grace.

My hope is that you find a community where you feel welcome and secure enough to open yourself up to question and learn from others.  And in return, have the faith that love awaits you in return.

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