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The Europeans won’t travel without them. Should you?

August 12th, 2011 No Comments

We all know Michelin as a tire company, but most Americans don’t know they publish travel guides that set the highest standards in rating popular destinations.

The reviews are a curation from local anonymous “inspectors” who live in the area so you get to know the culture of a place on a more intimate level.  Each guide provides the best the destination has to offer on every price level.

Use them for international AND domestic travel.
1.  Green Guides. All you need to know about a destination: the history, popular tourist attractions, and favorite local hidden gems you can visit.  The best hotels at a variety of price ranges are rated on a star system.  Day trips and tours are other recommendations you’ll appreciate.

2.  Red Guides. Reviews the best restaurants in the area. A Michelin Star is one of the most coveted awards in the industry. You’ll have to pay a pretty penny for a plate, but it’s absolutely worth it.  The book also features other notable restaurants in the area that aren’t starred.

3.  Bib Gourmand. The restaurants featured on this list allow 2 people to eat entrees and order a glass of wine for under $40.  Each place mentioned is a local favorite, so you won’t be disappointed.

4.  Road Maps. If you’re planning a road trip, use the website ViaMichelin.com to provide the best route and list gas stations, hotels, and restaurants along the way.

Buy the actual books or the apps for your phone.

ViaMichelin.com is your online resource for all of this information.

You can get great local info daily from the inspectors by following them on twitter:

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