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In love or hating your fitness routine?

August 15th, 2011 No Comments

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been posting as many fitness tips and videos recently.  I couldn’t figure out why myself.  I go to the gym just as often, teach spin, and practice yoga.  Surely one of those should inspire me weekly.  Last night I finally figured out why I couldn’t get any of it down on the blog.

I’m entrenched in my routine!

Now granted it’s a little scattered because I’ve been teaching spin more frequently this month, but for the most part I do spin twice a week, see my trainer twice a week, and go to yoga twice a week.  I love it!

My trainer is a classic guy, he doesn’t instruct me on a lot of fancy stuff, but we did make up a crazy total body routine I’ll video this week to show you soon.  As for spin, well, that’s hard to communicate without recording the class and who is going to watch that.  Yoga on the other hand, inspires me every time I go.  But I was thinking that you might be getting tired on my yogi introspections.

Usually I always talk about ways you can change up your routine to challenge your body to see results.  But there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the comfort of a routine for a while.  It’s consistent and helps you maintain your enthusiasm for exercise.

Even though you’re probably not blogging your fitness endeavors, have you taken the time to realize what your mindset is around your routine?  Are you enjoying it?  Do you desperately want change?

As the summer comes to a close I always take in the last weeks of my current routine and vow to add a new twist in the fall.  Any thoughts on that for yourself?  You don’t have to answer, just take a few minutes to think about it.

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