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Fall fashion, now!

August 16th, 2011 No Comments

-Andrew Woj, Straight Guy Stylist.

It’s hot. ┬áSometimes you can’t even get out of the door in the morning before breaking a sweat. ┬áSo for someone who loves cardigans, jackets, coats, boots, and knit hats so much, what am I supposed to do when the temperature is well above 90 degrees?

This week, as I was counting down the days until fall, I had the idea to liven up my otherwise expected summer wardrobe of sweat-friendly outfits. ┬áLooking at the Spring/Summer 2012 collections, I picked out these two looks from Ovadia’s collection to work into my closet now – a year ahead of time!

The pop of color in the first look is unexpected, fresh, and daring while the simplicity of the second look is approachable by men of all levels of style…though I wouldn’t run out and buy a pith helmet any time soon.