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Joining the army or waging war against camo this fall?

August 16th, 2011 No Comments

You can’t run or hide from the camo trend this fall.  The question is will you fight the chic fight and hold your classic-style ground protesting the trend as sloppy and regurgitated? Or, being the savvy fashionista that you are, find a way to adapt the color-palate to your style?

I have never been a camo or military fan, but I won’t deny it’s one of the most affordable ways to create a trendy ensemble with your favorite classics as a base.

The jacket is the easiest to find and incorporate:

Banana Republic on sale $78

Refinery 29 did a slide show of more inventive options such as purses, watches, skirts, and ties (I didn’t find any MUST HAVES in their collection).

Click here to view.

Last night, Heather was carrying my favorite camo piece I’ve seen thus far:


Apparently he has a whole collection which would be tolerable if you ripped of the obnoxious MK.

Small Satchel top left $298

It should be no surprise that Prada has a showstopping camo bag.

And I love Troussardi 1911 luggage collection.

(Last three images via)

Bags aren’t your only accessory options.  A scarf will look fab with any jewel tone sweater and of course black.

From Denim & Supply $60


Of course you should know the most affordable place to find camo: The Thrift Store! Goodwill, Salvation Army, or your local boutique.  It will always be cheap and genuinely worn in :)

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