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Bring on el queso y carne deliciousness

August 25th, 2011 No Comments

Well, both Renee and Bob were right about Lomo Linda. Since we’re on the analogies, I’ll throw this one out there. It’s like Spago – solid and sophisticated with just the right amount of scene.

We let Bob order so naturally the meal didn’t include a single veggie…unless you count sautéed onions (which my mom does, so you can too).

The first course: hand-made empanadas and queso fundido. Both obviously fat free.


Lomo Linda is famous for their table grilled platters where you choose the cut you want.



We ALMOST ordered tres leches for dessert, but Bob opted for the crepes de caramel.


Umm…that’s some serious dulce.

The filling was goat cheese so I wasn’t a fan. But every other table devoured theirs within seconds. I did enjoy the cafe americano, which is the reason my eyes are still open right now to blog.

The scene also lived up to the hype. We went upstairs to see the new terrace to find a full room of businessmen getting sloshed. Seriously, there were maybe 5 women dining total.

Which is why I think this table was so happy to see Renee and I.


Yep, that’s a table of 50 year old men with balloons and birthday cake!

When they saw me taking the pic, naturally they invited us to join the party.


We didn’t stay long, buy they insisted on saying thank you for dropping in.


Fun times. Love Comida. No workout for me today (shucks).

Now we’re back at the house and while everyone takes a little siesta I’m blogging to you and then getting some work done.

Hasta mañana (until tomorrow).

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