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Leaving the barrio for Comida

August 25th, 2011 No Comments

And on our way through Reforma.

This traffic is some of the worst I’ve ever seen! But apparently Comida on a Thursday at Loma something or other is worth it.  (“Comida” is late and boozy “almuerzo” aka lunch.)


On the main street, Bob says we’re passing through the Park Avenue of office buildings. There are tons; only a few are notable, like this one:


Next we somehow breezed down the Rodeo Drive which I contest because there wasn’t a Chanel or YSL in sight.

The famous Polanco strip of restaurants. Here’s Ivoire, the place Katherine said was a place to “see and be seen.” As you can tell, it’s hoppin’ for Comida.


In the middle if many of the major streets in Mexico City are tree-lined pedestrian ways and/or parks. Running along the Polanco restaurants is Lincoln Park that opens up to be pretty big and beautiful.


Then we hit the Sunset Boulevard of houses. I can’t see them fully because they’re all off the street and hidden behind gates. Many of them seem like new construction with modern exteriors.  I’m impressed!  Renee says that the houses off the side streets are truly stunning – just like in Beverly Hills. (Bob 1 for 2; Renee 1 for 1 for analogies.)

This is the back of a more traditional house, probably the dog house for one of these mansions ;)


Pulling up on the restaurant Loma Linda about which both Bob and Renee have fond memories. Food photos to come!

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