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Come on, Irene!

August 28th, 2011 No Comments

Andrew Woj, The Straight Guy Stylist

While Mary braved Mexico City’s nightlife in Jean Paul Gautier, I put on my very finest hurranista (or is it hurricanisto?) fashions fit for a night out with Irene and her tornado warnings, winds of up to 40 mph, and heavy rains that have only just begun.

  • Polo Ralph Lauren striped oxford
  • Columbia anorak jacket (actually a child’s XXL that fits my short little baby t-rex arms perfectly)
  • Levis “shorts” (less fabric to get wet while you stomp through puddles)
  • Hunter boots
  • Billy Reid camp socks

Now that Irene is a bit closer in my direction , I’m going to switch it up to a pair of my most comfortable underwear and a big sweatshirt while I lay low.  Hope everyone is safe!