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Soooo many fitness options when you travel

August 29th, 2011 No Comments

People always ask how I stay in shape when I travel.

As far as facilities and options, I’ve always found plenty to keep me occupied. The hardest part is staying motivated when exploring and overindulging.

During this trip to Mexico City, I had every fitness option I wanted and then some WITHIN A COUPLE BLOCKS. No cab or subway necessary.

In other words I had no excuses.

Even after a long night of partying, I hit up the gym at 8am before a day of sightseeing.

The brand-spanking new gym (SW on Sonora in Condesa) was much nicer than my gym in Houston and had every piece of equipment I wanted and offered classes.

The day pass was $17.

We also visited 2 different yoga studios: Bikram Yoga (which they taught in Spanish and English) for $25 a class or unlimited 10 days for $35. The studio was exceptional and surpassed my expectations. The other was vinyasa for $17 a class.


Pole dancing for $15/class. It was refreshing to try something new in a foreign city. If you can let go of your inhibitions, you’ll find stepping out of your comfort zone as much fun as I do.


So many parks and pedestrian streets with paved paths. A run or walk around a neighborhood is a great way to watch local culture unfold authentically. I took a 30 minute jog before my yoga classes.


Historical sites. Yes, people think you’re a little crazy, but who cares. In our case, the pyramids gave us a killer cardio workout. We took on 3!

Finally, there were tons of smaller gyms in our neighborhood that offered the basics for a lower day rate ($6-8).

Granted, I speak Spanish fluently so the classes were accessible, but if you frequent classes at home and pay attention, you should be able to keep up in a foreign country without a problem.

Other travel fitness options I recommend:

No excuses now, ok?! Especially if you have a hotel gym at your disposal!

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