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A little stamp goes a long way

August 31st, 2011 1 Comment

By now you know I’m big into showing my appreciation with baked goods, gifts, and thank you notes.  I believe it’s not the size or value, but the thought and presentation of the gesture that matters.

In the past I’ve offered options like Paperless Post, videos on wrapping gifts, etc.

My new favorite thing is this M stamp I bought at Paper Source ($6).  Recently I’ve been sending a lot of notes and I considered buying monogrammed stationary.  Old school! But, the cost and bulk of the process held me back.  I like having different options for different purposes and committing to one style for a long time wasn’t appealing.

So I bought the stamp to customize blank cards with different patterns.  I liked it so much I moved on to monogramming these little brown paper bags for my cookie deliveries.  Cute, cheap, and easy!

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  • The M was a great idea. Just goes to show the personal touch you can add with even a simple letter.