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Are you ready for some college football??!!!

August 31st, 2011 1 Comment

QUICK POLL:  WHO ARE YOU ROOTING FOR??  And is that team different from where you went to school/school you traditionally root for?

TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS BELOW.  Out of curiosity, just want to know where we all stand :)

It feels like it’s been a decade since last season.  Probably because my spirits didn’t endure very long. Being a die-hard USC alumn and smack-talker has not been easy recently for obvious reasons…. Honestly, it sucks. AND I live in Texas! But last season was so sloppy as a whole the games weren’t fun to watch.

A few quick thoughts that have crossed my mind in anticipation:

— Thank goodness my brother went to Bama (just graduated btw!) so I have a decent team to follow.

— As for my boys, the Trojan football program isn’t different from any other university.  They just got caught.  I mean, look at the Hurricanes.  They probably didn’t think the benefactor would be the whistle blower on that deal.

— I’m all for conference camaraderie and will be rooting for Oregon as well as my Trojans.  The Pac 10 dissenters can kiss my barely-there butt.  It’s not our fault that half of the teams are terrible.  Sure the SEC is consistently stronger, but USC proved that the Pac 10 should not be underestimated.

Oregon (3) v. LSU (4) – OMGoodness, what a great way to start the season!  My bff Trey, a UT alumn with LSU parents, has charmed me into liking Tigers (basically because it’s one team we can agree on liking other than our own).

— In terms of unis, apparently everyone has been watching Oregon with envy.  Co-founder and chairman of Nike, Phil Knight has kept those boys looking sleek over the years and now other teams are following to the extent their budget allows.  Click here for what to watch for this season.

— Bob Stoops makes me cringe.


Football is about friends, fun, and parties.  And, for away games, really comfy clothes.

As the weeks pass I’ll be posting recipes (tomorrow will be eggplant fries!) and party ideas that should keep you entertained during the game.  OR, take a page from my playbook: sit back, relax with a cold beer, and let the boys get their grill on.  It’s a perfect Saturday.


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  • Stephanie J

    You can bet I’m rooting for my Fightin’ Texas Aggies! Can’t wait for the season to start.