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Strengthen Not Thicken Your Core on The Bosu

September 5th, 2011 No Comments

After the holiday there’s no doubt you’re probably motivated to get back in shape.

No matter how many times a trainer tells us that we can’t get rid of fat in one area (“spot reduce”) and too many crunches make our tummies thicker, we still crunch away!

Using a bosu for your crunches will present  new challenge so you increase your strength without doing all the reps.  I asked a former MTM Trainer, group fitness director at fit Houston, and new mommy! – Kelley Davidson – to show us how to start on the bosu and the steps to increase the challenge as you get stronger.

“Hello Everyone! It’s nice to be back with you!   I’ve created a core routine that starts easy and gets harder so you can find where to start for your strength level.  Even the first exercise is a challenge! Don’t get frustrated, just breath.  Remember to keep pulling your navel to your spine with each exhale.

It looks easy at first glance, but I warn you, it’s a ton of core work just to find your stability on the BOSU. Once you do, you’re in for a core burn like you’ve never had before.

  1. Start with your behind on the “front” of the BOSU (near the ground) and then lay back until you feel like you are perfectly horizontal.
  2. Slowly lift your feet off the ground until only your middle back is on the BOSU.
  3. Hold on to those legs to start with.
  4. Take 10 breaths and release.

Once you are balanced there (this may take a while), let go and stretch up like you want to touch the ceiling.  Keep your chin tucked slightly and belly button pulled in.

Take another ten breaths pulling in that core with each exhale. Release.

If that’s still easy, let’s add movement:

Extend the right leg and left arm.  Come back home and try the other side.  Try to do 10 on each side.

Once you have that down, extend both arms and both legs.  NOT EASY!!! Hold here for 10 breaths and release.

When you are a crazy core bosu master, add the movement extending arms and legs and then pulling both in at the same time.

This exercise should be very intense as there is no “rest” position, so start with just a few reps of each.  Once you can perform each movemet well, try for 10-15 reps of each.  Remember, it is important to go slow and move with control.  Notice your core is working overtime to keep you from tipping forward and back as well and side to side.

Remember to keep a positive attitude while trying to get into position on this one- don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself :)”


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