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Pressing the reset button on feminine fashion

September 6th, 2011 1 Comment

Everyone is talking about new trends for fall.  Among the most notable I’ve seen are below the knee pencil skirts, multi-print combo ensembles, leather tops, velvet for women, and the resurgence of 50’s and 60’s conservative style.  Admittedly, the high necklines, shift dresses, and ballooned silhouettes are not “fetching”, but perhaps the look will be refreshing enough to be captivating. In other words, men won’t instantly love the new look, but women will wear it with confidence to catch people’s attention.

That’s what I believe anyway.

I’m over the plunging necklines and way-too-tight jeans, even though both flatter my figure.  I feel like femininity needs to push the reset button and start over.  If you’ve been reading the September editions of your favorite fashion mags, you’ll see that theme repeatedly throughout the different trend reports.

Browsing through Tootsies the other day, I saw two designers I didn’t recognize – Erdem and Paule Ka – with pieces right on target.

Erdem is a fun and flirty brand out of the UK.  As you can see from their runway show above, they embraced jewel tones and prints to make their conservative style pop.

The Parisian Paule Ka, as a line of clothes, has actually been around since 1987. Designer Serge Caifinger actually started Paul Ka as a boutique with his mom and aunt in his hometown of Lille, France in 1974.  His inspiration for the collection of “pure, contemporary refinement” is Audrey Hepburn and the LBD, which explains why Paule Ka assimilates seamlessly into fall trends.

All of this talk about fall trends right before NYFW for Spring begins.  Can’t wait to see what everyone wears to the shows!

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  • Paul Ka is timeless–I love stealing my mom’s pieces. Also, thank you for introducing your readers to Theory a while back; its style is also right down my mom and my alley.