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Mexico has more than just beaches and ritas

September 16th, 2011 No Comments

I didn’t get a chance to show you pics of art or local culture from my trip to Mexico City, which happens to have the most museums in the world.  The country has such a rich past. I won’t go into a lot of detail, I just thought a glimpse of some of the things I saw might inspire you to reconsider your day trips and intentions on your next visit south of the border

First up, Chapultepec Castle, which was originally the home of Emperor Maxamillion and his promiscuous wife Carlota.


Maxamillion became the Emporer of Mexico in 1864, but was captured and killed in 1867.  The Mexicans took over the palace and renamed it Chapultepec which means “grasshopper.”


Check it out.  My initials are engraved in all of the windows.  This is the Lock Screen on my iphone right now.


The castle isn’t overly ornate in comparison to the European palaces, but they certainly lived a privileged life.



Catholicism is a large part of the Mexican culture, I’m sure you already know that.


Throughout all of the museaums I visited, the virgin Mary was reinterpreted in many different ways in the art.


Frida Kahlo is one of the country’s most notable figures.  They revere her as an idol and replicate her colorful style whenever possible.


One of the things I that surprised me the most was the modern perspective and collection of styles the Mexicans brought into their art.






Around the city, neighborhoods are centered around fountains.  They’re EVERYWHERE!


Of course you can visit most parts of Mexico and explore the Indian ruins.  See the photos from my trip to Pulque, the Aztec ruins, here.


Definitely try some of native favorite liquors and food.

In the back you’ll see the cactus fruits.  They’re very sweet, full of seeds (which I was not a fan of), and healthy.  The focus of this picture is not so healthy, but definitely fun.  It’s called Mexican champagne:  almond tequila and grapefruit soda.  You shoot it fast and then swirl your head around.  Quite a tradition!


When I’m in a forgein country, I always try the “traditional” meals.


Sure, that looks like a normal enchilada.  But inside is a rich, charcoal, smooth substance.  After I said I liked it, I was informed it was in fact corn fungus called Huitlacoche, aka the Mexican truffle!

Most of the food you’ll recognize in Mexico and is very healthy.  Don’t be scared, you can safely eat the fruit and veggies, even from the street vendors.  I get a fresh squeezed orange and carrot juice every day and have lived to tell the tale.


Having a local guide can make all of the difference in your adventures.  So if your friends are living abroad, I highly reccommend saving up to visit them.


But I can’t promise they’ll be as fun or as sweet as my Pinche Bob!

If you don’t have a friend living in your destination, there are guides for hire.  When Bob had to leave, he hired Gibran, a driver and tour guide, to show us around.  In Mexico City specifically I think it’s important for your safety to have a driver anyway.  Cabs seemed a little sketchy.  You know I believe 100% that Mexico is safe, but only when you’re smart about your travel.

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