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Don’t let money stand in the way of Reilly’s dream!!! Let’s support him.

September 19th, 2011 No Comments

Reilly Smith is one of the most admirable people I have the pleasure of calling a friend.  Help me support him to achieve his dream!

What to know why?

I’ve watched his extreme efforts to become not only an Ironman competitor, but also a screenwriter.  Honestly I’m not sure which is more competitive these days.  As a passionate man, he’s attacked both with his whole heart and seen small successes along the way.  Enough to keep him going.

Finally, after 4 years of training, he’s almost reached his goal of “Professional” Triathlete and the only thing standing in his way is money!

Can you imagine?!  He’s completed countless marathons, triathlons, Ironman competitions, spent hours alone on the road, tailored his life to a rigorous training schedule, given up the crazy indulgences we take for granted (all of which you can see on his blog)….

And now so close to the top and the price of entry is $15,000!  That just doesn’t seem right does it?

Whatever our feelings about the cost, that’s life.

So help me by donating to get him in the Pro game.  He deserves the chance to compete.  He’s unbelievably strong physically and mentally. I wish I had a fraction of his mental strength that not only fuels his ambition, but has made him an introspective and well-rounded person.


Or go to your paypal account and send funds to winburnsmith@mac.com.

Any and all amounts are greatly appreciated.

I would love you to give $15, just the price of one lunch.


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