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The trendy cardio workout at my gym right now

September 26th, 2011 No Comments

Walking backwards on the treadmill is actually a great way to change up your cardio and challenge your muscles without added tension on your joints.

First of all, you can see right off that her quads and calves are working instead of her hamstrings and gluts, which would be the primary muscles working if she was walking forward.  She’s holding on to the rail here to help her balance while I take the picture.  But it’s important NOT to hold on because the support on one side and slight twist is not good for your back.   To start, hold on to both hand rails and then let go. Use your core to help you balance and roll your shoulders back to work on your posture.

Start out at a moderate incline, 3-5, and a slow speed, 2.8-3.4 , walking forward.  Then turn around, engage your abs, and step with your whole foot.  Assess your level of comfort and then turn back around to adjust the speed and incline.

It takes more energy to walk backwards so you’ll feel your heart rate jump up a bit.  Once you get comfortable, you can work intervals, switching between walking forwards and backwards, possibly changing the speed and incline between each set.

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