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When was the last time you screamed like a 9 year old girl?

September 26th, 2011 2 Comments

This weekend I went to Sedona for the first time. What a magical place! Such a beautiful landscape, I wanted to be outdoors all day. Of course you know for me that doesn’t mean lounging by the pool. I did every physical activity I could get my hands on!




The first photo is from my hike, the rest are obviously self-explanatory.  I also did yoga and practiced my short game (golf) at the Enchantment resort.  More on that place later; probably one of my favorite destinations in the last two years.

Here’s what I’ll admit:

Mountain-biking is f-ing scary.  I screamed like a 9 year old on a roller coaster going down some of the rocky slopes.  While I was hiking, the altitude made me feel weak and question my fitness.  Finally, I am a better tennis player when I don’t take myself so seriously.  I actually learned that lesson a long time ago taking tennis lessons, I just wish I had a more consistent swing.

What I learned from the screaming:

I need to get out of the gym more often.  It’s no wonder I’m burned out of exercise when I’m teaching 6 spin classes in 3 days and having a trainer who repeats the same routine.  The only activity that keeps me sane is my yoga practice.  Being challenged; trying new things; allowing myself to be awkward and scared, that actually got me excited!  I am coming to believe fitness is more than just trying new things, but taking the activity to new places AND letting go of pride.  I always talk about the mental challenge of a workout, but it’s not until you’re screaming like a little girl because of the mental challenge (NOT physical strain) that you really feel the satisfaction of exercise.

In the end, not only did I feel better, but my legs felt stronger too :)

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  • i love this post!!!!!

    i do triathlons, and what i love and also hate about it, is all the things i fear. i.e. i was terrified of swimming in open water, it’s the most amazing feeling overcoming that fear now.

    i’m still terrified of cycling though, as i did not learn how to ride a bike until about 3 years ago…def can relate to your post about mountain biking, even though mine is not as intense

  • OMG, i bet it was so much fun! the scenery looks amazing!


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