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It’s official. I’m bringing back the C.L.I.C.K. bag!

September 27th, 2011 10 Comments

Yesterday I cut the check and said all systems go on production of 200 CLICK bags!

After I stopped making the wristlets 4 years ago, stores still call to place orders and women question in astonishment why I stopped.  It’s been heart-warming honestly.  So, after saving up some cash and finding a reliable manufacturer, I’m bringing them back for the holidays.

I’m only making 2 styles: the gold “Ali” bag which was by far and away the best seller and a plain black leather with patent piping.  Classic and timeless. If all goes well, maybe I’ll do another round in more colors.

For those of you who have only been with me for a year or two, here’s a little back story.  In 2004 I started a line of handbags called “Moe.”  The signature design was the C.L.I.C.K. bag – a light wristlet to hold all of your evening essentials:

Cell phone, Lip gloss, Id, Cash, and Keys.

The construction is such that when you slip one handle through the other and put it on your wrist, it won’t fall off.  Click here to see the website and celebs who wore them.

I’ll be selling them in Tootsies and on my blog (with a reader discount of course!).

Your price will be $150 for the gold and $140 for the black which will include shipping.

Mark your calendars for November. I’ll start selling them at the beginning of the month and shipping around November 15.

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  • So proud of you this is great!!! Congrats!

  • Can’t wait, Mary!!!

  • Erin

    This makes me so happy!

  • such great news!! i had 3 clicks and LOVED them so much! Loved being the imperative word because good friends in college all borrowed/lost them. can’t wait!!

  • Sarah

    So excited!!!! YAY!!!

  • Stephanie J

    Wahoo! This is fabulous to hear. :)

  • Samantopol

    Congratulations Mary! I love all three of my CLICK bags–they’re amazing! xoxo.

  • tamarie

    I call dibs on one of the gold click bags!

  • s.sharma

    2 things:

    1. A woman at work just asked me the other day what happened to those bags.
    2. a guy showed up at Bloomberg with a box of hand made leather bags for women. The women went crazy in my dept. His bags went for $300

  • Lupe

    yay! I have been looking to buy one for years.