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I have a new crunch for you

October 3rd, 2011 2 Comments


Ben had me almost in tears at the end of kickboxing class with these the other day.  I asked him if the crunch has a name and he said, “Nah, I just made it up.”  Well, good thinking my man.  This move will tighten up your whole core.

Here’s the breakdown:

From a flat position, raise one arm and direct it to the other side of your body.  Place your other hand on your stomach.


Use your core to raise up and twist with your straight arm leading you.


Twist back to the other side turning as far as you can and getting your elbow as close to the ground as possible.


Then return to the ground the way you came:  shooting arm back up to opposite side of your body and then slowly rolling back down to position 1.  If possible keep your shoulder blades off the ground.

For more of a challenge, raise the opposite leg (of the arm you have straight) off the ground.



Try 10 on each side to start and you can curse me out later :)

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  • RS

    As always, a video would be helpful.

    • RS, you would be surprised that the photos get more traction than a video in my fitness posts.

      But! I hear you and agree. A video of this one would have been better.

      More video to come :). Thanks for your feedback!