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Reuniting with a reliable NYC love

October 4th, 2011 No Comments

I am soooo tired of picking up random shampoo and conditioner because of the promises printed on the front. Every time I’m disappointed when it doesn’t deliver.  My solution: go back to what I know and love.  Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender and Mint Conditioner and I had a long love affair when I lived in NYC and my locks were desperate for moisture.  Then, as with most products  (and people) we overuse, it stopped working.  After years apart, I thought it was time to reunite.  As expected, it feels so good.

Want some of this moisture love? Browse prices here or pick up a bottle of PM Lavender Mint Conditioner at your local salon.

(Full disclosure: At one time PR did send me free bottles, such is no longer the case.)

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