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Thanks to Klout (wtf?)

October 18th, 2011 No Comments

I received a $25 gift certificate to Macy’s the other day from Klout via snail mail.  No joke.  They must be working with the FBI if they have an accurate address for me, so watch out if you sign up.   I have absolutely no idea what I did to deserve such a “perk” as they call it, but who I am to question free stuff? (Do you know Klout…What is our online community coming to these days.)

Yesterday I ran through the past-its-prime retailer on a mad dash to the Apple store hoping to get there before the line formed for the 4GS (nope didn’t get it, long story). On my way, I saw some awesome boots by Ivanka Trump and thought to myself, “If I scored a pair of killer boots for under $500 and told people I bought them at Macy’s, fashionistas would flip their sh!t.” I didn’t stop for them, but I WILL go back.

Back to Klout…The reason I suppose I received this certificate was due to you, my loyal audience who reads my posts, and in this case, ramblings. So thank you for the unexpected gift.

The takeaway from all of this (something I always try to give you):  you can have Klout without trying and Macy’s ain’t so bad after all.  And, AT&T sucks, but you already knew that.

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