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You are never going to believe what just happened to me.

October 18th, 2011 13 Comments

I’m not going to draw this story out.  The basic facts are shocking enough.

Went to donate a big pile of clothes to Goodwill.

Drove to get coffee three minutes away.

Noticed I didn’t have my purse and realized I left it at Goodwill (under the pile of clothes.)

Returned to Goodwill and asked politely if I had left it there.

They questioned what I was talking about.  I described the bag and they said, “Oh, we thought you were donating it.”

MY PURSE! With my FULL wallet, makeup, sunglasses case, a CLICK bag, coupons, a bag of nuts, pens…

Wait, it gets better.

They CUT UP my ID and credit cards!!!!  Into little tiny pieces!!!!

Within 5 minutes of me leaving my purse they had sorted through the whole thing, trashed a $35 lip gloss and $40 tube of perfume, and cut up my ID and credit cards.  5 minutes!!!!!  Of course the $20 cash that was in my wallet was no where to be found.  It didn’t even occur to them that I might return for all of my personal belongings.

I salvaged most of my stuff from the trash (yuck!) and proceeded to give them a piece of my mind.  I couldn’t control myself.  How stupid can you be?!  But what can be done about it?  Nothing. Unbelievable to me how ignorant and thoughtless people can be.

Anyway, Bank of America gave me a temporary debit card after a full-on identity check so I’m not stranded.  But the ID.  Ugh, that really hurts. Hopefully I can just order one online.

Hope your day is going better than mine.

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  • Renae

    Wow, that beggars belief! Its amazing how people behave when they are on auto-pilot and not using their brain. I hope you’re day gets better from here!

  • heidi

    I think they did it on purpose – why? Where is the $20? Did you get that back?

  • Dr. Fraud, MD

    Perhaps you overreacted? See http://goo.gl/X6R3K

  • Amanda

    Mary, go to the TEXAS DOT on Winkler South of downtown. They are small but kind of off the radar, nobody goes there and it is quite efficient! best TX Dot experience ever. Highly recommended by my friends, also.

  • Christine

    I normally don’t comment on posts, but could not believe my eyes when I read this. Un-fricking believable is all I will say so that I don’t sound like a heartless bitch insulting the imbeciles that work at Goodwill. I guess the good will only goes one way. Sorry about your completely crappy day.

  • ShiraSure

    Maybe I’m on another planet but I don’t see how the workers at Goodwill were stupid, ignorant, and thoughtless. I understand how you’d be upset after all that, but don’t you think those same adjectives could be applied to, um, you who left your bag with the pile of stuff of you were donating? Why would they possibly assume that’s not part of the give-aways? Do you think no one has ever given something with cards and old perfume in it? Please. It just goes to show your privileged world vs their day-to-day. And they cut up the cards not to hurt or harm you but as a security and safety measure actually to protect you. You’re lucky someone else didn’t pick up your purse and use all your cards (including the workers who were honest and just doing their job!) Why the constant wrath over here at service employees? Esp when you’re the one making the mistakes? I was really disgusted by the spoiled bitchy over-entitled tone here, esp aimed at GOODWILL of all companies, who do far more good than the little “bad” they did you that day.

  • Laura

    They got all that done in 5 minutes? They sound freakin’ efficient!
    P.S. I’ve bought purses in consignment stores that still had stuff in them. It happens. Were they supposed to recognize that it was a $40 perfume on sight?

  • Mark

    Almost makes a person think twice about going and donating items… I would think a little common sense on their part?? ID, Credit cards… Not that they would remember but a quick glance at your ID and I would guess that “hmm, that looks like that person that was just in here…” More proof, you can’t fix stupid.

  • Nikki

    Damn those people for volunteering to help others. Who do they think they are.

    Really low-brow post, Mary.

  • Mary, that is terrible. Hope your day only got better after that.

  • Ruben

    Now maybe I’m missing something, but it seems to me that cutting up the cards and disposing of the personal items in a timely manner was the right thing to do – if you donated a wallet and mistakenly left your old ID in there, you’d probably want them to dispose of it quickly, right?

    And anyhow, it seems to me that the problem originated when you left your purse there to begin with…so really it’s your fault? Just a thought.

  • halena

    Christine’s comment is disgusting. Imbeciles?

    As someone who donates to Goodwill once a year and has accidentally done THE SAME THING with her purse, I must say I am happy it happened the way it did. I understand Goodwill has an operation- receivers take the donated items and “toss” them into a large bin, the bin is passed off to the sorters, who in turn destroy any items with personal information attached (something they are REQUIRED to do by law). If my information wasn’t shredded then who knows who could have gotten their hand on it? As far as the $20 is concerned. Really? I mean, come on. If I find $20 on the street or in a piece of thrifted clothing you can sure as hell bet I’ll be keeping it. I am also sure the workers at Goodwill, who are paid MINIMUM WAGE if they are not VOLUNTEERING (to sort through other peoples garbage) had NO IDEA your lip gloss was $35 and your perfume was $40. They are on a whole other level of income honey and probably buy their (used) makeup from Goodwill.

  • Rebecca

    OH. MY. GOODNESS. After what happened to me, and reading your story, I will think twice before donating clothes there again. Unfortunately, my goodwill bag was located on the floor just below my jewelry box (I have a lazy habit of putting frequently worn items on the top). David grabbed the bag and turned it upside down at the Goodwill counter and took off. He came back holding one of my white gold chains, and said, “Hey what is this? It was hanging out in my car.” Sure enough, it was mine, but the diamond pendant appraised at over $4k was missing. David returned to the goodwill store after being gone 10 min at most, but the worker played stupid. Let him dig into the bins, but no diamond. Makes me sick!