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No way $53 worth of halibut was going to waste. Not in my kitchen.

October 21st, 2011 No Comments


First of all, I can’t stand to be wasteful with food.  People who order three courses and 5 sides and only eat two bites of each drive me absolutely crazy.  Ok, rant over.

Last night I roasted two big halibut filets with sweet potatoes, apples, and onions for myself, my stepmom, and my dad.  We felt like we ate a lot, but there was still about 1/3 of the fish left.  After spending that much and having so much untouched, there was no way I wasn’t hitting up that fish for a second round.  Tonight I lightly heated up the leftovers, steamed some broccolini and mushrooms with a garlic and fresh herb water, and dumped it all into simmering chicken broth for 15 minutes.  Simply delicious.

My girfriends think I’m a culinary genious for adding herbs and garlic to the water I use to steam veggies.  They go nuts when I add a splash of seasme oil to veggies or dill to a salad.  Tonight when I dumped it all into broth, they were singing my praises for feeding them such a healthy meal.  And I thought I was being lazy with my one-pot wonders and cheap with the little herbal additions.   As long as they’re happy, I’m happy.

Actually I was really happy when Kim busted out the Coconut creme pie she picked up.  So long healthy, hello heaven!

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