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The loop holes to luxury travel don’t have to be a mystery

October 21st, 2011 No Comments

Listen to this story:

In December of 2009, US Airways had a promotion that added up to 140 frequent flier miles per dollar spent. Gary sat down with 6 of his friends’ credit cards and bought 6 figures worth of Post-It-type stickers that earned them 16 million miles!

The Gary I mention is Gary Leff, the founder of BookYourAward.com, that I’ve been writing about for a while now. The man makes magic happen by understanding the math and fine print in airline and credit card deals. He told this story and was recently featured in Town&Country magazine (September 2011) with the graphic above.

For over a year now all of the travel publications have featured Gary in one way or another.Why Gary? Because his service is so unique!

It’s just him helping people make the most of their miles and points. Not some big company with a call center. Gary has a real job (a very good one in fact) and wants to keep his service just the way it is. For $250, he will help a couple get to their destination using the least amount of miles possible. He honestly tells people not to use miles or him if you’re not going to the other side of the world. If you’re looking for instant and domestic deals, visit his blog. He collects all of the deals from other travel bloggers too.

If you like to travel, it’s a good idea to follow Gary on Twitter for current deals and news.

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