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Your man might like this costume

October 25th, 2011 No Comments

Spritz him up to be the sweetheart you know he is!

Costume National came out with a new line of fragrancs and the first one I set my nose to was Homme Eau de Parfum.  (Men’s stuff is so simple, so I always start there.)

“It’s sweet” were the first words out of my mouth; then I honed in on the citrus.  I was unsure how I felt about it, so I invited a few guy friends over to watch college football and then blessed them with a beer and spray down.  Sneaky me! The chemistry changes when it sinks in and lightens up the grapefruit, while the cardamom, bergamot, and cloves take over.  It’s hard for me to make out the cinnamon, sandalwood, and thyme.  Please don’t be impressed with my ability to distinguish all of these scents, I read the notes and then it all made sense (pun intedned, couldn’t help myself),

Absolutely unique and a refreshing change from the musky scents most men pick out. Your man probably wouldn’t buy for Homme for himself, but I believe he’ll  fall in love with after a couple spritzes and kisses.

On sale on Amazon for $44 (down from $80).

(Full disclosure: PR sent over a bottle for me to test out.)

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