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Are you into “pinning” your favorite things?

October 26th, 2011 No Comments

Over the last month I’ve gotten a ton of email alerts that people have started following me on Pintrest.  Most of these are friends and clients I know who I would never guess to be active on a new social network.  (“Facebook is enough for me.” You know them.)  In the past they’ve scoffed at blogging and took no interest in tumblr or instagram.  So I’m curious as to why they have signed up for Pintrest….

A quick breakdown for those of you who are unfamiliar with these social networks:

  • Tumblr – Blogging platform that allows you to post easily and follow all of your favorite blogs on one “dashboard” feed (like facebook) so you don’t have to go to each blog separately. Content is pictures and witty short text from real people, news sources, celebs, restaurants, and magazines.

  • Instagram – Photo app that enhances pictures with filters and posts to a feed.  You can “like” and comment on people you follow.

  • Pintrest – It’s like ripping out an article and putting it on a bulletin board to use later.  You pin a pic with link to the source on your different themed boards.  Follow other people’s boards that will feed to your main board.

I believe people like Pintrest because they don’t feel pressured to create original content or add their own photos.  Pintrest is purely a reblogging platform.  The truth is that you don’t HAVE TO POST anything to tumblr or instagram to follow people and read their content.

Personally I’m a fan of tumblr because I like the quality and variety of content mixed with life stories.  Instagram is a great place to play with pics, but I don’t check my feed often.  Both of these have become wildly popular.

Today I spent an hour updating my Pin Boards, but it’s just not my thing.  I distribute my content to a lot of networks facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and tumblr so you can read it easily on the platform you prefer.

The links above are to my pages if you’d like to check out each and follow me there.

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