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All sunglasses are not created equal.

November 1st, 2011 2 Comments

I know it’s not ideal to fork over $350+ for a pair of sunglasses you’re going to lose eventually.  But!  If you buy the cheapos and scratch the lenses you’re going to toss them anyway, right?! For the designer price tag, you get style and quality that’s incomparable to the more affordable substitutes.

I’ve had the gold Dita shades for 2 years and the red Chanel for almost 1 year.  They’ve both survived the depths of my purse and several encounters with concrete without a single scratch on the lenses.  That is impresseive!  On the other hand, my Marc by Marc Jacobs pair, which were a  quarter of the cost, scratched when I dropped them the first time.  I’ve noticed several friends had the same experience with cheap shades.

The only big brand that has let me down in the past has been Gucci. I guess it doesn’t matter because I’m not a fan of their current excessive branding.

My suggestion to you is to save up for the real deal and hand on to them!

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  • Melanie T

    Hi Mary,

    I hope this doesn’t come off as rude, but for many people 1/4 of $350 is still a lot of money to spend on sunglasses; something costing close to $100 is not exactly what I’d call a pair of “cheapos”!

    Can I recommend the following things to your readers?

    1. Those awesome daily discount sites (like Rue La La, ideeli, Gilt, etc.) have great deals on sunglasses very frequently. I bought my sunglasses (black Ralph Laurens) for $68 (marked down from close to $250) almost 2 years ago, and to this day they still have no scratches or breaks! However, this leads me to my suggestion #2…

    2. Buy a case — and use it! My sunglasses came with a very sturdy, almost heavy-duty case, and I never carry them around without it. After years of wasting money constantly buying and re-buying *actual* cheapo pairs of sunglasses (read: the $10 pairs from the drug store), dropping $68 on a pair of sunglasses was quite a splurge, so I’ve really put effort into taking good care of them — and it has paid off! For those of us who can’t afford scratch-proof, break-proof glasses, it is still possible to have a “nice” pair of sunglasses that can last a while without damage, and to get it for well under $100. Sometimes proper care is the best money-saver.

    All the best,

    • Not rude at all! Thanks for your comments and helpful tips Mel!

      You’re absolutely right, $350 is expensive and $100 can be too. Unfortunately it’s the $100 pair that act like the $20 pair. So I’d rather by 1 pair of $350 than 3 pair of $100 that get scratched instantly.

      The discount sites are a great place to score them for cheaper! Department stores are about to go into major sales too.

      As for the case… I wish I was responsible enough to put the glasses in their case all of the time, but if I’m being honest, I don’t. So the extra money in the glasses has paid off. These days, since I have been able to hold onto a pair of glasses for longer I have started to use the case, which helps me keep track of them too!