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Easy options for guys to get rid of their beer gut

November 3rd, 2011 No Comments

I googled “beer gut” for an image to use on this post, but I couldn’t bring myself to put one up.  They were just….unattractive, if I’m being totally honest guys.  (The pics they had were really big AND hairy. eek.) Apparently men feel the same way about their over-sized bellies as we do.

Dr. Oz did a show two days ago and offered some easy ways for guys to decrease their calorie intake in bar/football/party scenarios.  Ladies, thought you might drop these tips to your man.  I’ll list his first and then add a few of my own:

  • Drink DARK beer – less calories than pale ales and has antioxidants to decrease inflammation
  • Season with hot sauce – stay away from salt, soy, and worcestershire sauce
  • Eat nuts – (preferably unsalted) healthier than popcorn and chips
  • Order guacamole and salsa – instead of queso, ranch, or blue cheese dressings
  • Skip the crap – do you really need the cheese, bacon, and mayo on your burger?
  • Get some 4th quarter action – unless the game is close or party is hoppin’, grab your guy and encourage him to score his own TD

Not only should these little changes help their physique, but also their arteries and organs.  My biggest concern has never been what my man looks like, but how healthy is he overall.  If I’m gonna invest my heart, I want to know his is going to last forever!

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